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Friday, October 16, 2009

What Size Rug Do I Need?

Rug size depends on furniture scale and placement

How to Measure Your Space for the Correct Rug Size


Place your furniture where you think is best for the room. Measure the open space up to the legs of your sofa and chairs, making sure that when seated, both of your feet should be on the rug. Allow approximately 8-12 inches of exposed floor between baseboards and rug on all sides. More than one rug is acceptable.

DO anchor your rug to the furniture.

DON’T "float" a rug in a room. Scale is important. A too small rug under your coffee table will make the room look out of proportion.

DO use more than one rug if needed to divide the room into separate areas.


DO use your dining room chairs to help you measure what size rug you’ll need. Pull the chairs away from the table, as you would to sit down, on both sides and the ends. Measure from the rear chair legs in width and length. Add 8 inches to this total measurement. This will give you the minimum size rug needed.

Your dining room rug should be large enough to
leave plenty of rug behind the chairs


If the rug is under the bed, allow 3 feet of exposed rug on both sides of the bed. You can also place 2 smaller rugs on either side of the bed. A large rug can also be placed at the bottom of the bed. See picture below.

Large rug placed at the bottom of the bed


DO try to allow about 8 inches of exposed floor around the baseboards on all sides when using a rug to cover most of the floor in a room. More than one rug is acceptable.

DON’T place a rug in a room so that it ends in the middle of the doors or archway openings.

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