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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trends for Area Rugs for 2012 and Beyond

Mark at Domotex in Germany - the Largest International Rug and Design show

This past January my daughter Lauren, whom we call Lolly, accompanied me to Germany to attend Domotex, the largest International rug and design show. The theme of Domotex 2012 was “Customized Living” and that is really what home d├ęcor is all about.

“The design options are endless - silk or wool, traditional patterns or futuristic modern design, vibrant colours or subtle hues, modern carpets woven to customer specifications or carpets and carpet tiles arrayed in different colour combinations and shapes. It is easier than ever to achieve an individual, stylish effect.” (Quote from Domotex website)

We very much agree with that statement and at Mark Gonsenhauser’s we strive to bring you the latest designs in rugs and carpets, as well as the ability to customize and create what will fit your needs and desires.

We saw some amazing innovations in rug and carpet designs. Below I showcase three new trends that we liked and have brought to our store in 2012.

1- Silk Sari Rugs. Beautiful hand made 100 % silk rugs made from leftover production fabric and recycled silk sari's. No two rugs are alike! 

Beautiful and Bright Hand made 100 % Silk Rug 
made from recycled Silk Sari's

100% Silk Rug made from recycled Silk Sari's

2- Another innovative idea in rugs for 2012 is Over Dyed Rugs. Some of the rugs are vintage or recycled pieces of rugs sewn together. The process involves neutralizing the colors of the original rug, while still maintaining the pattern and design of the rug.  The rugs are then re-dyed with a solid color producing a unique effect.

Over dyed Rugs at Domotex 

3- Ikat Hand Loomed Rugs. Ikat is a style of weaving where a dyeing technique is used to create a pattern. Ikat employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibers. The fibers are then woven to create a pattern or design.

Ikat Rugs at Domotex

Ikat Rug - Hot trend in rugs for 2012 and beyond! 

After Domotex we traveled to India to buy rugs. This was a very productive trip because David and Lolly learned about the rug buying process as well as the rug making process.

At the Taj Mahal
A rug maker hand serge's the side of a rug
My children passionately offered their opinions on the rugs I purchased and gave me the perspective from their generation. Lolly was even inspired to design her own line of flat weave Dhurrie's exclusive to our store fittingly called “The Lolly Pop Collection.”

Lolly and the "Lolly Pop" Dhurrie collection

"Lolly Pop" Dhurrie Rugs

We also made a visit to the Siddharth Gonsenhauser School where we toured the new second floor they built since my visit last year.

Mark with the kids at the Gonsenhauser sponsored school in Siddharth India

It was an amazing trip and I am excited about bringing to you all the beautiful rugs that I bought for the store! Come in and see us soon!

"I Got Your Rug!"

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  1. Great blog Mr. Gonsenhauser! The "Lolly Pop" collection looks great and we can't wait to check them out firsthand in the store.

    Keep up the great work Lolly and thanks for the wonderful pictures.

    Chris T.


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