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Friday, October 22, 2010

Custom Cut Rug Pads

So you just purchased a beautiful new rug and are wondering if you really need a rug pad laid under it. The answer is, yes you do. All rugs should have a pad under them. Especially if you have a fine hand made Oriental rug. If properly cared for, your Oriental rug can last for many generations.

Contrary to popular belief, a rug pad is primarily to protect your rug. Although a good pad does protect your hard wood floors as well.

A premium quality pad under your rug is very important. A quality pad will help preserve your rug from wear and slippage for many years and will extend the life of your rug. Think of the beating a rug takes from foot traffic. A pad will lessen the effects of that by acting as a shock absorber, cushioning the impact of foot traffic.
A good pad also prevents slippage, helps the rug lay flat and makes vacuuming much easier.

There are all sorts of rug pad materials on the market for use over hard floors but we have chosen a material that we think is superior. We recommend a rug underlay called "Cushion Grip". Cushion Grip is a premium quality pad. The material is made of carpet fibers that have been fused together and then needle punched to a waffled rubberized backing material that is non slip. The fused fibers are also coated with a rough surface to help hold the rug to the pad.

Cushion grip is guaranteed to retain its non-slip, non-skid properties for at least 10 years with proper maintenance. The rubberized waffle texture backing holds very firmly. This makes for a slip free transition when walking from your hard surface floor onto the rug and visa versa. This pad also helps prevent ripples around the legs of your furniture.

Cushion Grip padding is about 1/4 inch thick. It is the most effective rug pad to use for hardwood, laminate wood, tile, vinyl and concrete. It will hold well to any hard surface floor.

The other major benefit of this pad is that we custom cut it to fit your rug's actual dimensions. This makes for a perfect fit with no trimming necessary. This is great for Oriental rugs that may be an odd or non generic size. For example if your Persian rug is slightly irregular in shape we cut the pad to its shape. We also cut the pad about two inches smaller overall therefore allowing the rug to completely cover the pad.

Protect your investment, put the proper rug pad under it!

In a future post we will be discussing the proper pad material to use over carpet.

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